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Contact, contact has something to say to everyone, and has real meaning that cannot help but whisk viewers and readers alike to some thrilling place. to those who thought the film predictable, and had not previously read the book, i would say that you must be very creative if you managed to anticipate all that contact had to offer.. Definition of contact (entry 1 of 3) 1 a : union or junction of surfaces cooling begins when the lava makes contact with the air., define contact. contact synonyms, contact pronunciation, contact translation, english dictionary definition of contact. n. 1. a. a coming together or touching, as of objects or surfaces. b. the state or condition of touching or of immediate proximity: litmus paper turns red....

Noun the act or state of touching; a touching or meeting, as of two things or people. immediate proximity or association. an acquaintance, colleague, or relative through whom a person can gain access to information, favors, influential people, and the like., contact is a 1997 american science fiction drama film directed by robert zemeckis. it is a film adaptation of carl sagan 's 1985 novel of the same name ; sagan and his wife ann druyan wrote the story outline for the film..

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